Hand Poured Epoxy Art Just For YOU

Enchanted Frogs

Unique Frogs full of personality 

Mystic Moons

One of a kind moons with unique charms to brighten your home 

Frog Lamp

Glow Frog

Illuminate Your World with these Mesmerizing Holographic Frog lamps.

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Mystical Moons

Steampunk Moon

Step into a World of Steampunk Charm and Gear-Filled Wonders. These moons are each incredibly unique. From different colors to different charms you know you will never have two of the same.

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Cover includes frog, bee, mushroom, sunshine, and love.

Frog Journal

Hardcover notebook of 200 Pages of creative freedom just for you. Designed by Sierra Oden, printed and shipped to your doorstep by Amazon.

This is the First product I ever designed for sale. My cute frog mushroom journal has been the sole inspiration to my continuing business. Here is to hope it brings just as much joy and muse to you as it did for me.

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love of frogs